"I've worked with Jonathan Sindelman for many years in my band 'WHITE'.  He is a master at the keyboards; playing, performing and songwriting.  I hope to continue our collaboration for many years to come."   

- Alan White, 'YES' 

"Sindelman is not only a fine player and a master of his craft, but also a great team-player, which is often the thing least-noticed about a musician.  Because when someone is a good team player, you don't have to think about them; they accompany a band like fine wine accompanies a great meal; with grace and finesse.  No doubt he can teach anyone the theory and mastery of the instrument, but watch closely and he will teach you much more."  

- John "Drumbo" French, 'The Magic Band'

Mr. Sindelman is truly a virtuoso. If I played keys or piano, I would hire him as my teacher without hesitation. I have been on stage with him in performance situations and if I were asked to assemble a band and my life depended on it, he would be my first choice, not only as the keyboard/pianist, but as the musical director as well.

- Scott Connor, 'CIRCA, William Shatner, Yoso' 

"Jonathan's brain goes five thousand  miles deep.  His soul and fingers keep pace with his brain.  He understands what sound can do to spirit. He is a conjuror. An imp and a wizard in roughly equal measure.  He can decode any tonal thicket and shares his secrets benevolently.  He has much wisdom, and the means to impart it to all who listen."

- Mike Keneally, 'Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani'



"Jonathan has a rare gift of being both a faithful renderer of complex passages and expressive communication.  He has the ability to reconstruct any musical idea with pinpoint accuracy while simultaneously infusing his own style and character into that music and balances this ability with new and original invention."

-Marc Bonilla, 'Keith Emerson, Ronnie Montrose, CTA'



"Jonathan is the best keyboard instructor and performance coach that I've ever had, and this is after 32 years of having some truly great teachers.  Jonathan is the complete music teacher--he has an amazing command of theory, fantastic technical ability, solid knowledge of teaching practices and an incredible ear not only for music but for the needs of his students.  He customizes his lessons to my current interests and goals, and even puts in quality work outside the lessons to help me advance during the week between our sessions.  And last but not least, he is extremely pleasant and kind.  I can't imagine a better teacher and cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Ben Stein, Student (Columbia, MD)


"Nothing stimulates my brain and heart quite like the piano.  Gotta shout out to my piano therapist Jonathan Sindelman, he is teaching me so much about myself and the joys of music theory. Not just playing but feeling. IF YOU NEED an extraordinary pianist - he is a musical angel."

- Victoria Wells, Student (Los Angeles, CA)


'I have had the privilege of playing in several bands with Jonathan Sindelman!  In the many years I have worked with Jonathan I have learned a great deal about many of the finer points in playing music. Jonathan is a consummate professional who aspires to deliver the highest quality of performance.  I highly recommend Jonathan in any endeavor as he will be a valuable asset to any situation he enters into!"

- Randy George, 'Neal Morse Band, Ajalon'


"Jonathan Sindelman is a master on the keys!  His ear is impeccable, his technique is nothing short of virtuosic, and he plays with his whole soul.  Jonathan can play anything, and play it well.  Period."

- Makenna Wagner, Vocalist